I’m a researcher, analyst, and consultant working on strategic affairs across defense, national security, and foreign policy. My main personal foci these days are nuclear policy and weapons, military history, wargaming, risk management, and technological innovation. I also do some writing on mass transit and urban affairs.

This blog began  in graduate school. While a long-time student of history,

I started this blog as an outlet for some nascent thoughts I was having as a graduate student at the London School of Economics, studying history and international relations. My background is much the same, but the main difference is that I’ve generally focused on the past. I began writing here as I became particularly engrossed with a subset of modern security. While then people still used the terms “Fourth Generation War (4GW), ‘Futurewar’, or another Revolution in Military Affairs,” it’s really just best put as contemporary security issues. Whatever you call it, it’s clear that something in the way mankind fights itself is changing dramatically, and at times rapidly.  In this blog I aim to write about the present, and especially the future evolution of war, warfare, and conflict.



In addition to this blog, I wrote a series of articles for the journal Fortnight. Occasionally shorter notes can be found at Rapid Fire Pencil.

There are a whole lot of people who shaped my early forays into blogging and modern defense. Some of my past professors who have particularly contributed to my current intellectual state include Frederic Smoler, Jefferson Adams, Christopher Coker, and Michael J. Williams. And I can’t begin do justice to all the bloggers and analysts with whom I corresponded, followed, and in some cases befriended, but some of the earliest are:

It should go without saying but I’ll say it anyways: anything I write here in no way reflects the opinions or research of my employer, my clients, or anyone else with whom I’m associated. It’s all me.