I’m Graham Jenkins, a Los Angeles-based analyst, researcher, and consultant working on strategic affairs across defense, national security, and foreign policy. My main foci these days are wargaming, nuclear policy and weapons, military history, risk management, and intelligence. I also do some writing on mass transit and urban affairs.

I originally started this blog while I was in graduate school, and after that it turned into a repository for the original thinking I had from time to time. In recent years (post 2013 or so) I’ve been a lot less consistent in writing here, but it remains both an archive of my early years as well as a scratchpad for the occasional notion or concept. I do hope you’ll indulge me. I at one point wrote a series of articles for the journal Fortnight. Occasionally shorter notes can be found at Rapid Fire Pencil.

Originally the sole focus of the site was defense and foreign policy, and often, the real nitty-gritty operational and tactical-level detail of our then-contemporary quagmires in Southwest Asia. But while at least one of thse wars is madly, inexplicably continuing, my own interests have shifted, and I find myself more concerned with our diminshed political economy and the capture of the wheels of governance by unbridled capital. Still, defense matters, especially in era when we should be doing less than less – the essence of strategy is prioritization and I hope to catalogue some of those priorities here.

It should go without saying but I’ll say it anyways: anything I write here in no way reflects the opinions or research of my employer, my customers, the United States government, or anyone else with whom I’m associated. It’s all me.