Recommended Reading (2009-12-07)

La plus ça change…

– When civil unrest (i.e. ‘industrial action’) goes viral. No technology required, just bodies. And drums and pots to bang on, too.

– White House security has apparently been breached “91 times” since 1980. That does include the single-engine plane on the South Lawn, the guy who fired into the Press Room, and everyone’s favorite, “The Family Outing.” Upside: most of them turned out to be friendly (or at least harmless)?

– David Rogers on the new iteration of the civil-military divide. Obama v. McChrystal. “Senior Democrats — themselves veterans of past wars — have grown increasingly concerned by the political clout of a generation of younger, often press-savvy military commanders.” More likely, this is just Congress overreacting, but even so. The principle of civilian control over the military is an absolute in this country. Undermining it is a very, very bad idea. Healthy debate and discussion to determine the best course of action is fine (Senator Daniel Inouye might disagree, however); receiving an order and then arguing about it is insubordination.

Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? Not as much fun for a television premise, but a gripping question nonetheless. Actually, it’s not. It’s entirely irrelevant. Keep a skeleton al-Qaeda (the devil you know…) and move the hell on.