Recommended Reading (2010-01-15)

Thomas Cole’s 1836 painting, The Destruction of Empire, from his series The Course of Empire.

– The fun never stops in British higher education. Turns out one of the graduate TAs here did some jail time in Egypt  for – and is still a member of – Hizb-ut Tahrir. Fantastic work, LSE.

– Taibbi is full of fightin’ words. It’s nice to read a diatribe like this and not be turned off – he’s exactly right about pretty much anything. This is rapidly becoming a central question to our time: is capitalism sustainable?

– I’d like to see this applied on a large, large scale.

– It would be pretty fun to stumble upon an Afghan village in the middle of Indiana. What do the Indianans think? Full immersion is the way to go.

– Joseph Fouche at Chicago Boyz on Jonathan Rauch and the ossification of the American way.