Recommended Reading (2010-01-17) – SUNDAY Edition

– Credit BAA with yet another oops.

– Came across a great Ricks piece in Foreign Policy: what to read if you’re heading to Afghanistan.

– A piece in the New York Times throws a new wrinkle into the idea of systems and network thinking. The internet is much more vicious and counterproductive than anyone had thought. Open-sourced (and crowd-sourced) ‘wisdom’ is nothing of the kind. Sort of like how Robb says globalization will put an end to globalization?

– Speaking of Robb, don’t miss his analysis of the latest entering-of-an-exit-at-an-airport. The (over?)reactions pose some very interesting possibilities…

– Robert Mackey explains how idiotic it was on al-Qaeda’s part to handle their double agent the way that they did. Minimum value for maximum effort was the end result. Lucky for us – even more of a reason to let al-Qaeda live and fester?

– “The Uncanny Valley Theory is just that: a theory.” We may be on the verge of proving it wrong.

– Yemen’s most recent chapter may have begun early.

– Fantastic piece in The New Atlantis: “Military Robots and the Laws of War.” Where AI and unmanned technology fits into the evolving network-centric paradigm, I don’t know. Is it possible for them to remain the sole province of the nation-state? That seems pretty unlikely, but at the same time there seems to be a lack of necessary infrastructure on the level of small organizations. Robust models can’t be too far down the line.