Recommended Reading (2010-01-26)

Up next: peak phosphorus

– Patrick Porter at Offshore Balancer refights World War II.

– As the state continues to hollow out (I’m officially two feet in the Robb camp), the citizenry will work to actively undermine its legitimacy, intentionally or not. We’re most like going to see examples like this of jury nullification widespread.

– Straight from the Moscow Times, 1/3 of Russian militiamen are alcoholics or psychopaths (and presumably often both).

– Fascinating story of an international criminal gang, ‘the Pink Panthers‘; a lot of jewelery heists, but not always. Playing by their own rules and using globalization as a means.

– And the absurd ROI rates found in the ‘global guerrilla’ phenomenon apply psychologically as well. Nate Silver compiled this data before, but the visual reinforces just how rare an incident on an airplane is.