Recommended Reading (2010-02-01)

– Australia and the UK have begun talks for collaborating on a future ship design. (via Kings of War)

– Perhaps the backlash to an overreaction works both ways? Danes have the highest casualty rate in Afghanistan of any NATO contributor, yet half of Denmark supports their continued deployment, with only one-third demanding withdrawal. Thanks to the cartoon ‘scandal’, even the socialist party supports the war. Would provoking the Islamic world into further overreaction unite the west?

– A new entente cordiale?

– How much of the al Shabab-al Qaeda merger is real? How much is to put on a public face? For al Qaeda it’s a win; it proves a continued relevance for the organization. Not entirely sure of the benefits to al Shabab…

– John Bowen on the Western fear of an Islamic invasion. Americans are blunter about it, Europeans decry its insidious nature. Again, no monolithic culture to be mindful of. Characteristics. As Bowen says, the gap is one of differing religiosity.