Recommended Reading (2010-02-13)

Pete Warden breaks up the United States based on data collected solely from Facebook.

Slate has a great roundup of national anthems in anticipation of the Olympics. Good luck identifying “Kimigayo.”

– Nothing quite like learning from the best: many of the high-tech crowd dispersal units used in Tehran were bought from China. Pioneering the art of authoritarian crackdown since 1949.

– Don’t give up hope on Iran just yet. There’s too much at stake, and a democratic outcome would be nothing less than world-shattering. Reuel Marc Gerecht in the New York Times (via Sullivan):

A democratic revolution in Tehran could well prove the most momentous Mideastern event since the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

– The Times takes a welcome stance against Amnesty International’s firing of Gita Saghal. A once-proud institution that has completely sullied its reputation by enabling Islamic extremists and perpetuating the ‘Cageprisoners’ story.

– Galrahn takes a look at upcoming naval ship class retirements, deployments, and possible replacements.