Recommended Reading (2010-02-28) – SUNDAY Edition

New propaganda poster from the Second Artillery Corps, the land-based ballistic missile unit of the People’s Liberation Army (via War is Boring).

– Shades of Scott Brown: remember that impending Tory victory? Turns out it might not happen after all (via Harry’s Place).

– Charlotte Allen takes on the modern dating game, including its neo-Neanderthals. Regression? Lateral movement? A trend that is nothing else if not hilarious.

Slate answers the question we’ve all been asking ourselves: does Afghanistan have phone books?

Naval jihad in the Gulf of Aden. Constant exchanges between Yemen and Somalia. Reclaiming the Bab al Mandat Strait for Islam. And it’s much more effective than we thought:

An AQAP-HSM coalition would not have to actually block the 18-mile wide sea corridor…. Instead, all they have to do is conduct some kind of operation that permeates a far greater psychological threat internationally.

– A bit older, but the New Yorker did a piece on “neuro-enhancing drugs” last year that’s absolutely perfect. Dead-on. I think I recognized myself in at least three of the article’s subjects.

– Now that Multicam’s been officially approved, Oakley has put out a pair of ridiculously fly boots. But I doubt they make them in a 16 (via Strike – Hold!).

– A fascinating overview of how the recession has impacted migration in America. Massachusetts better off than New Hampshire? New York seeing more inflow than Vermont? And the world is upside down.