Recommended Reading (2010-03-04)

– The US Postal Service may have to make some severe service cuts, including ending Saturday delivery. As long as they don’t go on strike, I’ll be fine with it (via GOOD).

– The U.S. is facing a “surge” of rightwing extremist and milita groups to the tune of 250%. It makes one long for the Clinton years, when the fringe movements weren’t legitimized by Glenn Beck, CPAC, and the Teabaggers.

Armored trains are back on track in Russia. But based on where most IEDs are in Russia (the railroad system), are the trains really MRAP?

– Galrahn at Information Dissemination gives a brief overview of ‘AirSea Battle’. As he points out though, it may be nothing more than “a new wine in old barrels,” and in most ways it sounds like, well, Air Force-Navy cooperation. Just with a catchy name.

– Even the upstart kid-gangs in Mexico are getting ballsy. But unfortunately for them, the existing cartels probably won’t take too kindly to this.