Recommended Reading (2010-03-05)

(via Shloky).

– It’s Strategic Decision Making Exercise time yet again at the Army War College. Mark Grimsley wanders the halls and reports.

– Boeing’s new KC-X will officially be a competitor for the Air Force’s tanker replacement program. Built on a 767, it can’t look like anything but a civilian plane, try as they might with the grey drab paint job.

– Has anyone else noticed an increasing disconnect between the mainstream media and the reality-based community? Even parts of the MSM itself are starting to pick up on this (but it won’t be far-reaching or fast enough a discovery to really change anything).

– I would really like to commit a crime in Norway. Though it’s equally possible that by the time I get to Halden my life turns into an O. Henry story.

– More on the decline of Germany and the rise of the uber-left.