Recommended Reading (2010-03-07) – SUNDAY Edition

Bank of England, Liverpool Street, showing all of the City of london with Tower Bridge at upper right.

– Medvedev is displeased with the apparent lack of progress. Russian military to double their efforts. Putin will not be as forgiving as Medvedev is.

– Newsflash: water runs downhill. Why America supports Israel.

– Greece continues to head towards imminent collapse. Some German MPs are calling for Greece to sell off a few lesser islands, the Acropolis, and the Parthenon. Meanwhile, the Greek citizenry cannot cope with a sacrifice – higher taxes or spending cuts (or both) are the only way to recovery. Do they even know what they’re protesting in favor of? (via Shloky). The U.S. is soon to face the same problem.

– An unbelievable tale about the attempt to save one soldier’s life, courtesy of Michael Yon. Complete with fancy infographic.

– Regardless of what party wins the British elections, Gordon Brown will almost certainly not be prime minister.

– The ultimate case for prison as rehabilitation.

– I like having comments here (even if they’re underutilized). Not everyone is quite so lucky, as Theodore Dalrymple explains in “Thank You for Not Expressing Yourself.”