Time Flies

After only three months here, I’ve written 100 posts! (this being the 101st). I’m pleased with myself just for the near-regular output, and for finally finding an outlet to get some things off my chest. Otherwise I’d just be ranting to friends all the time.

I’m also glad so many of you are reading and enjoying Automatic Ballpoint. Since post #1 on December 6, 2009, there have been over 3,500 views of the site, and that’s a number I’m both proud of and hope to see grow. The most visitors in a day here were 131 on January 13th – presumably when I posted “Antisemitism, Dissent, and the LSE.” That same post is the most-viewed of all time, with “The London School of Embarassment” in second. Apparently you guys like that I’m reporting on the wave of intolerance and extremism in Britain, London, and LSE itself, and I’ll do my best to keep that up.

The “For Love of Country” series also seems to have been well-received. I’m hoping to adapt some other longer essays (mostly history) and put them up soon. Such gems to come include some alternate history on Hitler’s invasion of Switzerland, an overview of the Chinese navy, a little more in-depth exploration of the French in Africa, and a whole mess of stuff on the special relationship. Stay tuned; stay subscribed.

My apologies that this week has been a little thin. We’re hurtling towards the end of term much faster than I’d realized, and so I’ll be trying to finish everything in time. Don’t worry, though, this site isn’t going anywhere. And I hope none of you are either. Thanks so much for reading.