A Return (Also on a Jet Plane)

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany at dusk; March 31, 2010.

I’ve been back in London for a couple days now, and while I wish I could say it’s good to be here, it’s at least nice to be catching up on the news (2,000+ items in Google Reader)!

Health care reform passed, a new nuclear limitation treaty signed in Prague – things are looking pretty swell right now.

I’ve got a lot of thoughts from the trip – which by the way, was AMAZING – but they’ll come slowly as I reintegrate into the real world. Side note: get to Eastern Europe now, before it gets all Euroed and Westernized. Particularly Hungary and Poland. In order, my favorite cities:

  1. Budapest
  2. Berlin
  3. Warsaw
  4. Vienna
  5. Salzburg
  6. Munich

I’ll explain them at some point. Oddly enough though, I think my favorite country is now Austria.

So much to do, so much to write, and you’ll have so much to read soon enough. Thanks for sticking around.