Recommended Reading (2010-05-02)

– Just why should we care what Presidents are reading? The Washington Post attempts to answer.

– A coherent argument against the coddling, wait-’til-you’re-older strain of permanent adolescence that seems to be all the rage these days. We’re not all special. We need a chance to fail. But we need a chance to begin with (via Isegoria).

– Where have all the Vlashki and Mamuju speakers gone? Why, New York, of course.

– 72% of the millennial generation is “more spiritual than religious.” One devout optimist “is encouraged by the roughly 15% who, he says, appear to be ‘deeply committed’ Christians in study, prayer, worship and action.” That’s cute. Only one or two more impediments halting progress to go…

Why conspiracy theories matter, and why Christian Caryl thinks you’re an idiot for believing in them. Not that I necessarily disagree, I just hold the right to reserve judgment on one or two official verdicts. But I offer no theories of my own.

– China v. America: fight of the century?

And from the past week on Automatic Ballpoint:

I settle on a dissertation topic and unearth a gem from the archives, but most of my time is wasted checking out interesting new sites. Currently making me angry: old people, the state of Arizona, and at least one guy with a pickup truck in Virginia.

A post on obesity and the military blows up my traffic for the better, while an interesting map might explain the obesity. New tech is found, as is a failed car bomb in Times Square. I take a look at other dimensions to urban warfare than VBIEDs.

The Chinese naval ‘menace’ is probably overrated, but may be sent west if water tensions with India continue; knife-wielding crazies remain a threat to Chinese schoolchildren.

The French built a pretty sweet Vespa for their paratroopers.