Goodbye to All That

Quintessential London: Big Ben, a Georgian-style building, and CCTV.

As what has been a wild nine months draws to a close, I’ve been saying goodbyes and revisiting all my favorite haunts (looking at you, Princess Louise). Disappointing as some aspects of the year have been (the academics, for one), there has been so much good to come out of it. As at other schools, LSE has introduced me to some of the smartest people I’ve worked, studied, and grown close with in my life. I want to thank them and point some out in particular.

  • [NAME REDACTED] writes as the Hybrid Diplomat at Hybrid Diplomacy. He’s easily the closest friend I made this year, us being in the same program and sharing two of three courses. He is a true iconoclast, “not giving a fuck” about telling it exactly like it is. His candor is refreshing. And I will miss him.
  • Shannon runs The Traveling Scholar, a running diary and travelogue of her adventures while based in London. On the one hand, her travels inspire some regrets that I didn’t get outside of the city more. But on the other hand, her writing makes it easy to live vicariously through her.
  • One of the more fascinating blogs I’ve read recently belongs to my friend Jonas F. Gjersø, The Civilizing Mission. He takes a very empirical approach to the history of empire, and the charts he has produced reveal some surprising, but always fascinating, results. He too is embarked on a PhD journey; I wish him the best as well.
  • The Occidental Oriental is another anonymous blog by [NAME REDACTED]. As an Afghan-Texan-Persian-American, he has some rare insights into the Middle East and the rest of the world. Definitely check out his current series of posts from Syria.

And to all the others without blogs – Ross, Jasmine, Mark, Erica, Peter, Michael, Amy, Rebecca, Kita, Jimmy (and yes, even Wen) – you are just as dear. Thanks for brightening my year when the clouds invariably set in.

One more special thanks is also due to those luminaries who have helped and guided me in the wide world of milblogging. Starbuck from Wings Over Iraq, Shlok Vaidya, Mike Slagh at Secure Nation, and Japan Security Watch’s Kyle Mizokami have all been as friendly and welcoming as can be. I owe them too a debt of gratitude.

This year has been eye-opening and a learning experience, one way or another. Thank you all so much for everything. And see you soon, I hope.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye to All That

  1. You are way too kind Graham. I am truly sad to see you leave London but see the point in being in closer proximity to the sources for your dissertation. I hope you’ll return to London sometime over the next couple of years, if anything to pay a visit to the Princess Louise or George IV, your aristocratic friends 🙂 The LSE sure won’t be the same place without you. I am looking forward to continue following your adventures by reading your excellent blog and hope you also venture into a PhD programme, it would be a great shame and loss for the world of academia otherwise.
    Lykke til (good luck), have a safe trip home and I hope to see you soon!

  2. Thank you for the shout out, Graham! I won’t be able to pass by the George or Princess Louise without thinking of you, drink in one hand and cigarette in the other. Best of luck with your adventures in life! Safe journeys — we’ll miss you!

  3. That’s an excellent question to which I still don’t have a solid answer. My summer will be spent on Cape May in New Jersey, while I work on my dissertation and several articles for a new publication starting this fall (details to come). But after that…

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