Recommended Reading (2010-12-12)

A bunch of British children get particularly cranky and start burning and smashing things. Probably stabbing them, too.

– How to access the internet, circa 2025. Get your RealID cards out and ready!

– Tom Ricks has been putting out an intriguing little series on American civil-military relations, inspired by the ubiquity of those worthless “support the troops” ribbons. Here’s the first installment, “You Can Go Strangle Yourself with that Yellow Ribbon, or, Here Is What I Want You to Do Instead of Shaking My Hand.”

– Great interactive map of American migration patterns in 2008.

– The Smithsonian presents “The Ten Most Disturbing Scientific Discoveries.”

– For fighting in the bush with overlapping cones of fire, there’s Drake shooting.

– Everybody, everywhere is full of shit, from Joe Stack and other disillusioned citizens to the political class itself.

– I may have posted it before, but Niall Ferguson is to be given a hand in rewriting British school curriculums. It’s about time there was some revisionist revisionism; I can only imagine how much fun textbooks might become.

And from the past week on Automatic Ballpoint:

This blog celebrates its first birthday! Cake included. We also take a look at the intricate workings behind nuclear weapons. But then I start getting angry.

Between fuzzy “economish,” the continuing rape of the American financial ‘system’, and our total loss of agency, the week had me pretty worked up. So I’m trying to relax and refocus.

You’ll see for yourselves soon enough how well that’s going.