Recommended Reading (2011-01-30)

Anti-government protesters clash with police in downtown Cairo January 25, 2011.

– John Robb’s analysis of Mubarak’s survival strategy. “It’s to create a vacuum.  De-escalate and out-wait the protest.”

– Remarkably good breakdown and compilation of the usual cross-European (and transatlantic) stereotypes.

One Frenchman, an intelligent man; two Frenchmen, a violent altercations; three Frenchmen, a relationship.
One Englishman, an imbecile; two Englishmen, two imbeciles; three Englishmen, a great nation.
One German, a pig; two Germans, beer; three Germans, war.
One Italian, an artist; two Italians, a concert; three Italians, defeat.
One American, a drunk; two Americans, two drunks; three Americans, Prohibition.

– Huis ten Bosch is an enormous recreation of several Dutch cities in amusement park fashion. It’s located in Japan, naturally. Spike Japan takes you on a tour in three parts.

– At some point, Lee Sandlin’s very long essay “Losing the War” deserves a proper and comprehensive response, but for now… Just read it. It is amazing.

– The concept of the “elite” is being taken on from all quarters now. Particularly good examples at n+1 and The Atlantic.

Did the poor cause the economic crisis? (Answer: no. But a good exploration anyways.)

And from the past week at Automatic Ballpoint:

Drezner’s talk on theories of international politics and zombies meets with great acclaim. My newest Fortnight piece is published. Massive new addition to the links page. And is the J-20 a bastard child of the F-117?