Recommended Reading (2009-12-15)

Fighting off the effects of jetlag and a bad cold/allergy at the same time, so this will be a short one.

– Look, I try to keep politics out of this as much as possible. But Jesus H. Christ. Joe Lieberman has GOT to go.

– For all those disaffected third party voters: the Modern Whig Party? According to Andrew Dubbins, a “Republican head with a Democratic heart.”

– Toby Young in The Telegraph: when we look back on this decade (unfortunately named by him as “the Noughties”), we will have seen a human desire for mass destruction and devastation. Apocalypse frenzy. This could either be a resurgent nihilism (not the ‘wannabe kind’), or simply humanity coming to terms with the next century. Is it really Roland Emmerich, and not Zach Braff, who is the voice of this generation? (Note: if those are the only two choices, then I hope the answer is yes).

– Flanders and Wallonia: the Velvet Divorce redux? The Weekly Standard thinks so. Wallonia as Britain sans Thatcher, Charleroi as “their Detroit.”