Recommended Reading (2009-12-16)

The newly-launched Iranian Sajjil-2 throws everyone into a tizzy.

– Quantifiable terror probabilities are what the University of Maryland’s Minorities at Risk project seeks to define. If history is anything like the stock market, though, past performance does not guarantee future results. History merely rhymes.

– I’m pretty sure at this point anyone who wants to get close to Berlusconi in any way must have mental problems. Well-wishers and assaulters alike.

– Seth Cropsey argues that a breakup of Pakistan may be imminent. The army is the glue that binds the country together, he writes, and thus the increasing religiosity put in place by Zia ul-Haq has led to a fracture of that one formerly unifying body. I do like the characterization of the Pakistani Army before Zia: “Officer clubs served liquor. Religion and ethnicity were not proper subjects of discussion. Muslim society was something that existed outside the military.” Between ethnicity and a Sunni-Shiite split in the Army, things don’t bode so well. The country is close to majority Punjabi, but in the long that may just mean everyone else feels oppressed.

– Even the Chinese understand the green benefits of going massively nuclear for power. The New York Times continues to believe that cheap plastic toys means a Chernobyl waiting to happen. Again, in a high-tech field the West is falling behind thanks to idiot environmental movements that can’t see the forest or the trees.

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  1. re: the chinese, there seem to be some significant benefits, economically speaking, in the central direction of investment in capital intensive industries…airplanes, nuclear plants, naval vessels….

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