Recommended Reading (2010-01-19)

– Michael Lind at Salon writes about the solely partisan nature (read: hack party consultants) of virtually all political television commentary.

“Most of the representatives of progressivism you see on TV are not really progressives. They are what might be called “Democratists.” Most publicly prominent conservatives are not principled conservatives at all. They are “Republicanists.””

– Flying back home through Boston just got a little bit sweeter.

– This is the first I’ve even heard mention of ‘morale drives‘. Can anyone shed a little light on the situation? The crackdown is just one more instance of the corporate-nationalist divide. The music and film industries don’t actually give a fuck about America (and at this point it’s getting hard to determine who’s still invested in its future).

– Enjoy the Gray Lady while you can. The New York Times is on its way to a paywall model.

– “Where in the World is Nigeria’s President?” An excellent question.