Notes from the Archive III

On the Lessons of History; or, Things We Forgot We Knew:

Iraq – ungovernable since biblical times.

Major General Charles Dunbar, Lecture Notes I

6 thoughts on “Notes from the Archive III

  1. Hmmm…Seems to me that Saddam Hussein did a pretty damn good job of governing, developing, and secularizing Iraq for 2 decades before we invaded and hung him…Until then it was regarded as the most developed Islamic country in the Middle East by many standards – education, women’s rights, health care, social mobility, infrastructure, etc…

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  3. He probably meant it the same way I do – ungovernable without resorting to human rights violations, secret police, kidnappings, torture, and the use of chemical weapons (what’s with all that)?

  4. I don’t know – but obviously the USA cannot attempt to play Pax Americana around the globe without putting people like him, Al-Maliki, Uribe, Mubarak, the Shah of Iran, Saakashvili, or the Taliban into power….What’s with all that?

    The US has been guilty of all of the above as well (including the testing of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons on its own unwitting soldier and citizens), the UK as well…What’s with all that?

    So for my humble answer to your rhetorical question – I think that that is just the way this world and power works

  5. My ‘what’s with all that’ was tongue-in-cheek – I was referring to the fact that we’ve engaged in most of that ourselves, and wondering why it seemed to be a necessity of rule in Iraq, etc.

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